We Went To Canada

Whitehorse, Canada Events

We were able to serve with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Whitehorse, Canada.  It was an amazing event!  The show was moved to an airplane hangar because we needed extra space.  We had over 2000 people attend, and 183 accepted Jesus as Savior.  A special thanks to Will Graham and the team at BGEA for inviting us.  We will be back in Canada next month with BGEA, and we can't wait.  Be praying for us as we spread His Gospel to all the nations.


Over the last couple of weeks we have seen God do Texas-sized things as we met new friends in Nederland and Beaumont, Texas.  The move of the Spirit has been so overwhelming to us this whole summer as we have seen many people come to know Jesus and recommit their hearts to Him.  God is doing some great things in Texas, and we are so glad that He has allowed us to be a part.  Thanks, Texas!  Till next time.

Awesome Trip to Georgia

Three hundred people packed into Gray United Methodist Church in Gray, Georgia this past weekend. Energy pulsed through the room as Brock performed edgy stunts and fun interactive illusions. However, the audience became still as Brock began to present the Gospel with clarity and passion. Sixty people responded to the invitation to follow Jesus including a 12 year old girl and a 68 year old construction worker!

God is moving and we are so thankful!

5K for Hands and Feet Orphanage

Brock partnered with K-Love radio to do a 5k run benefitting Hands and Feet Orphanage in Haiti. Joel Smallbone from For King & Country was involved in a special card trick, fittingly called “Hands and Feet."  Watch Joel and his wife Mariah as they experience a really fun card trick using, you guessed it, their hands and feet. 

Did we mentioned that the event was featured on Fox and Friends on the Fox News Channel?

Exciting Opportunities

As many of you know, I've been serving with Project Hope to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Nicaragua.  I've seen God do some amazing things on these trips and can't wait to serve there in the near future.  It's amazing to see God move in the lives of individuals through talents and gifts that He has given our team.  Because of how awesome the ministry is in Nicaragua, our team wanted to give other people the same opportunity to go and serve beside us in Nicaragua.  We will have two trips, one in November and one in the Spring.

If you would be interested in serving in Nicaragua, let us know.  You can email david.vailes@brockgill.com to get more information.  

Please pray for us as we reach this region for Jesus!

Great News about the Good News!!!

We received some feedback this morning from Rob Hammann at Gateway Nazarene Church in Oskaloosa, IA after Brock, Sean, and Auny were there all weekend. Sean went in Friday and did on-campus college ministry, then Brock and Auny came in Saturday for a community outreach show, with Brock speaking in the worship services Sunday morning. 

Here's Rob's feedback ...

Sean Emory is the most powerful "set up" man you could have, in my opinion. I spent a full 48 hours with him. Sean has a spirit about him that shows he is genuinely focused on ministering to others. I'm thankful you suggested that he come to work the schools before the event. I wouldn't do this event any other way. Sean engaged students at the Middle School, High School, and college. As a result our event saw an increase in attendance of 120 over the previous two years. I firmly believe this is all due to Sean's work. He is simply the best at what he does.

Brock and Auny are fantastic. They both understand the power of prayer. They both have a strong desire to minister to others. They brought entertainment to the stage and then turned the dial towards the Gospel message. The message was brought in a way anyone could understand. As a result 53 people made a decision for Christ. Many of them were first timers. Several of them were people who had been prayed about for years. I would love to have Brock and Sean again!

To discuss booking the team for your 2015 event, contact Robert at bookbrock@gmail.com.

Thrill Ride Book Releases October 1


Book Reveals Remarkable, Behind-The-Scenes Experiences Of Illusionist, Stunt Artist, Evangelist Team Brock & Auny Gill

Luis Palau Association, Word Entertainment, Olympics Outreach, Fox News, Texas Baptist Representatives Endorse Book

Book Proceeds Benefit Caliber Outreach, Ministering To People On The Margins In Society Internationally

Traveling the world and sharing the gospel through captivating illusions and stunts, Brock and Auny Gill have encountered a life of adventure no one could predict. First-time author Auny Gill tells the compelling story in Thrill Ride: A Million Miles. 2000 Shows. One Miraculous God. releasing independently Oct. 1 through Amazon.com, and with pre-orders available now at http://brockgill.com/shop/thrill-ride-book. A part of the proceeds from the book will benefit the non-profit ministry, Caliber Outreach.

Through life-threatening situations, extreme answers to prayer, and all the magic that comes with living on the road, this autobiography reads like a work of fiction. Imbedded in the extraordinary events are confrontations with witches, Columbine-like terrorists and drug dealers, as well as stories of angels, national TV appearances and the overwhelming joy of seeing thousands accept Jesus as Savior for the first time.

 “Brock Gill and his wife Auny are two of the most gifted and hardest working evangelists in show business,” says Kevin PalauPresident, Luis Palau Association. “Brock is well known as one of the world's great illusionists who uses his entertainment talents to tell people about the grace of God. In the inspiring story, Thrill Ride, Auny describes life on the road and how their faith in God sustains them through the challenges of using illusion and mind-blowing, daring escapes to bring a message of hope to their skeptical audiences.”

"I've seen firsthand how amazing Brock Gill's ministry is, and Thrill Ride is one of those rare 'edge of your seat,’ hard to believe this is real life' reads that is both captivating and inspiring,” adds Rod RileyPresident and CEO, Word Entertainment.  “It reads like a well-crafted novel from beginning to end."

"Thrill Ride literally lives up to its name!” exclaims Frank SheltonEvangelism Chairman 2012 and 2016 Olympics Outreach and Fox News Contributor. “Chapters read like paragraphs because their experiences not only keep you on edge of your seat, but also focus on the heart of God…This is a must read for all willing to graduate from mediocrity to ministry, and, outside the Bible, this is a great resource…like an amusement park, Thrill Ride is filled with highs and lows, but God's grace eventually lead us safely Home. Buy one for yourself and TEN to give away! This book is a game changer for sure and I recommend it whole-heartedly."

"Thrill Ride is aptly named as it takes the reader on an adventurous journey of what life can be when lived in Christ,” says Leighton FlowersTexas Baptist Youth Evangelism Director.  “Living life in pursuit of God's purposes is always a thrill and Auny captures this truth beautifully.  This captive story of God's faithful providence will leave you inspired and challenged to seek your own adventures in pursuit of Him."

Reading Thrill Ride is a nail-biting experience, while simultaneously like sitting down to coffee with a good friend, and finally hearing her incredible life story filled with God's power, protection and provision. Through the thrilling ride, Auny illustrates the strong thread of hope that sustains them. A journey in faith with love at the core, the Gills’ story is meant to enthrall, encourage and inspire readers.

Readers who purchase the book will also be helping to provide mission trips through proceeds from it for Brock and Auny’s non-profit, Caliber Outreach.  The organization coordinates mission trips to locations internationally, ministering to people on the margins in society in Egypt, Nicaragua and other locations internationally.

“We are seeking to share the message of the gospel to people that have never heard it before, and are seeing people give their lives to Christ,” says Brock.  “Recently assembling a team of speakers, pastors, performance artists (illusionist, juggler, escape artist, etc), and traveling to Nicaragua, we delivered a horse to an orphanage for children with special needs, ministered to the people that live in the city dump and shared the gospel to prisoners in jail.” 

A series of compelling video documentaries from Caliber Outreach’s mission trip to Nicaragua, as well as a special invitation to join Brock, Auny and other Caliber Outreach volunteers, can be seen at this link.  For more information on how to get involved, email CaliberOutreachInc@gmail.com.

About Auny Gill:

Best known as the wife and assistant of illusionist, stunt man and evangelist Brock Gill, Auny Gill is the behind-the-scenes catalyst and prayer-warrior that drives the couple’s ministry.  In addition to being Brock’s on stage assistant, she manages his live events around the globe.  When not on the road, Auny and Brock reside just south of Nashville, TN.  For more information, go to www.facebook.com/aunygill@auny.

 About Brock Gill:

Setting the pace for a new generation of edgy, daring illusionists, Brock Gill amazes audiences with his unique stage show, dry wit and mind-blowing escapes.Having released Alive On Stage (2010) and three more DVDs designed to be practical evangelism tools, Brock also acted as lead investigator for the BBC-produced Miracles of Jesus Discovery Channel special (2005) and has been featured on The GMA Dove AwardsThe Harvest ShowAt Home Live and Fox News’ Fox & Friends.  He has also shared the stage with many well-known speakers, worship leaders and artists such as Franklin Graham, Luis Palau, John Piper, David Nasser, Adrian Rogers, Newsboys, TobyMac, Audio Adrenaline, Third Day, Relient K, Jaci Velasquez, Skillet, Mercy Me, Casting Crowns and more. He has further performed for such organizations as Focus On The Family, BigStuf Camps, Student Life and Superwow, and on tours such as Winter Jam, Livin’ It with Stephen Baldwin, and Christ in Youth’s Believe tour. More information on Brock and his touring can be found at www.BrockGill.com.

 # # # 

* ATTN MEDIA: Review and giveaway copies of Thrill Ride from Auny Gill are available upon request. High-resolution cover artwork and other press materials are available now at: https://app.box.com/s/mvej8m65pjylscuow1xl.

For additional information, interviews, etc., contact:  Rick Hoganson, Hoganson Media Relations, 615-459-9870, hoganson@comcast.net.

Introducing Thrill Ride!

Hey everyone!

Auny's book "Thrill Ride" is done! This project is the collection of the past 15 years of unusual stories and exciting adventures of God's power, protection, and provision.

We are involving you, our friends, family, and fans, to make this a reality. We want this to be a team effort, and we want to provide a tool for you to reach your friends, neighbors, and co-workers with this book. This resource will show the evidence of God's power and miracles that has shaped our lives and ministry.  We think it will be eye opening to believers and unbelievers alike.

Check it out by clicking HERE!

See ya soon!


News from the Road...


We had over 35,000 people attend our festival in Egypt. It was incredible to see veiled Muslim women hear the Gospel and leave unveiled. I mean that both literally and metaphorically. We also had many drug users turn in their drugs and leave to begin a new life in Jesus. 

We were there long enough to see the pyramids. Make sure you watch the video: http://youtu.be/qM7Q1-t0suU


This year has been fantastic. We have seen more people genuinely touched by Jesus than I have seen in many years. We have so much to be thankful for. God has provided for all of our needs, as we have chosen to also go to unreached places around the world.

I'm very excited about the revival that we have been experiencing in some cities. We have had some churches truly respond to a fresh commitment to the power of the Gospel—from pastors to new believers. 

Thanks to everyone who partners with us in gifts and prayers throughout the year to enable us to do this ministry. Looking forward to more of this in 2014! See you soon! -Brock

We got a very cool letter we wanted to share...

"I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what a blessing you were to my son and I today.  He was extremely excited to meet you at First Baptist this morning, after seeing you at [his] School.  You see, although [my son] is 14, he has several severe learning disabilities and is being evaluated for Asperger's Syndrome.  It is as if he is still mentally, socially, and emotionally 8-9 years old, even with a 139 IQ.  It is extremely difficult to get him to sit still and focus on anything, and he has never stayed awake during a church sermon.  He prefers to sit in the back of the church where no one sees him.  This morning, we sat in the front row, and he stayed awake the entire time you were speaking.  He has been looking forward to your show since we heard you were coming to town, and after seeing you Friday, he has not stopped talking about you.  I was a bit apprehensive about bringing him because he does not do well in large crowds.  Once again, he surprised me.  We sat on the floor up front and he stayed still without fidgeting, and was focused on your every move.  

I know throughout your ministry, you meet thousands of people.  I just wanted to let you know how deeply you touched one little boy- and how happy you made this Momma.  Thank you for the smiles, and may God continue to bless you."