Brock Gill's magic was amazing. He owned the room the moment he came out. What was even more amazing was his gospel presentation. It wasn't a tacked on after-thought. It was the point and I like that! 
Mark Hall - Casting Crowns - 
Brock Gill is an illusionist in the most seasoned sense of the word. Combining a fearless attitude, charismatic performance style, and a gospel-driven message, he blows away the sea of shoddy Vegas sideshows cluttering the Strip. - Billy Graham Evangelistic Association - Charlotte, NC
Brock Gill is a man called to more than just illusions. He is an evangelist called to preach the gospel to a dying world. His talents are absolutely amazing and his presentation is entirely unique. There are many people out there trying to convince you that they are the best at what they do but from my experience, there truly is only one Brock Gill. I am excited that we are partnered with Brock and I highly recommend him to anyone interested in reaching their city for Jesus Christ.
Luis Palau - Luis Palau Evangelistic Association - Portland, OR
...amazing. You have helped me realize what it means to know Jesus face to face. 
Student - - 
The Gospel Message that was shared was the purest, most powerful and simple presentation of Jesus that I have ever heard.
Eric Clark - Stonegate Fellowship - Midland, TX
Brock spoke and performed at our annual Youth Pastor's Summit with over 1500 student ministry workers present. He connected and delivered in such a way that we would recommend him to another ministry in a heartbeat. 
Brent Crowe - Exective Director of Training - Student Leadership University
Brock was amazing! His presentation of the Gospel was clear and one of the best I have heard in a long time.
Tim Binns - State Convention of Baptists - Ohio
Brock's illusions are mind-boggling and he's able to use them to demonstrate a person's need to know Jesus Christ! He helped to bring healing to the students of Enterprise, AL after the March 1st tornado. 
Matt Smith - Hillcrest Baptist Church - Enterprise, AL
Brock Gill presented a "cutting edge" message through his illusions and speaking at our Northwest Baptist Conference. Brock obviously understands this generation of teens and effectively communicates the Gospel to them.
Danny Kuykendall - Northwest Baptist Convention - Northwest USA
Brock Gill is a great illusionist with a greater message, Jesus Christ. I appreciate his clear presentation of the Gospel and his desire to minister to everyone in the audience. 
Peyton Hughes - Associate Student Pastor, Metropolitian Baptist Church - Houston, TX
There are many skeptics who weren't familiar with Brock and his ministry but after seeing the show and the size of the audience, the skeptics quickly changed their minds. Brock will blow you away with his illusions and humor. He will have the audience talking for months. He is an awesome guy who cares about people and the decisions they make. 
Jeff Boyet - Youth & Teen Director for Green Hills Family YMCA - Nashville, TN
From the moment of the event, it was clear that Brock Gill would lead us on a special journey that night. Beyond his professionalism in terms of illusions and the stage presence that enveloped the audience, it was clear that ultimately, he was there to share the love of Christ with us. 
Jeff Shanks - Pastor of Divine Shepherd Lutheran Church - Omaha, NE
We were very pleased with Brock. 
Doug Couch - Georgia Baptist Convention - Superwow - Duluth, GA
Amazing show last night...thanks for blessing our teenagers and allowing God to use you to bring people to Jesus!
Kirt Thompson - Legendary Youth - Dallas, TX
Hi, I went to YEC in Macon, Ga and heard your talk about "eternity at risk". I just wanted to say THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! I called myself a Christian, but didn't act like one. I really think God spoke to me through you that night. I almost burst out into tears when I saw you, but all I could mutter out was "thank you." I wanted to give you the biggest hug and pray with you, but I couldn't b/c there was a long line to meet you. Thank you again!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!
Conference Attendee - Georgia State Youth Evangelism Conference - Macon, GA
I wanted to tell you this in person, but you are a popular person with the kids and couldn't get to you. I was thoroughly blown away with your message Tues. Dec. 30. Your exact words is what I have been saying for quite sometime. I prayed all through your message, praying that not just kids, but any adults that were there would GET IT---your words were right on. Thank you so much for what you do. My husband worked for IBSA (Illinois Bapt. State Association) for almost 8 years. We are now back into a church staff position, and I think what you had to say needs to be heard by every single Christian and so-called Christian...Thanks again, you spoke to me again this year.
Kenett Toller - Illinois YEC Attendee - Springfield, IL
Entering into a relationship with Jesus Christ was never meant to be difficult. As Brock used his gifts, he had our students completely engaged as he presented the Gospel in a SIMPLE way! Adam Martin, Associate Student Minister - FBC Covington - Covington, LA
I was at SuperWOW this past week. One morning you spoke on forgiveness. I just wanted to thank you because that day I went back to my hotel room to write my dad a letter telling him i forgive him for what he did to my family. That was the first communication I've had with him in five years. Since my parents got divorced. And I just wanted to let you know how much that meant to me. Thank you. Anonymous - SuperWOW Camp - Jekyll Island, GA
I went to super wow this past week. I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your illusions and messages, especially the first morning when you did the illusion about forgiveness and freedom. Lately I have a had a problem with the forgiveness thing. When i heard your message, it really hit home with me. I was sitting on the front row that morning, and it seemed like you were preaching right to me. Also i have been dealing with a cigarette addiction. and when you talked about freedom, i realized that i can be free if i ask God and let him come into my heart. I pray that you will have future success also and i hope you reach to someone else like you did to me this week. 
Anonymous (Student) - SuperWOW Camp - Jekyll Island, GA
We had around 1,100 people gather for the evening and had many respond to God's spirit at end of the evening. Brock was easy to work with and personable. He did a great job of getting students' attention and they hung on every word as he presented the Gospel. 
Andy Neely, youth minister - West Jackson Baptist Church - Jackson, TN
I was almost in tears when all the kids stood up and went to the back room to talk to the counselors…
Parent – Springfield IL